Exhibition at Pearl River Mart Gallery, Dec 2016

From his exhibition: Chinese America on My Mind (Dec. 8, 2016–Jan. 2, 2017)


Corky Lee,  photographer of Asian American life. Undisputed, Unofficial Asian American Photographer Laureate.

Pearl River Mart’s gallery, the only gallery dedicated to Asian American art and culture in New York City, was the setting of Mr. Lee’s own 2016 solo exhibition, CHINESE AMERICA ON MY MIND. “When we relaunched Pearl River in 2016, Corky was there,” said Pearl River President Joanne Kwong. “He was one of our first artists-in-residence, and his exhibition set the bar high for all who followed. He set the tone for the gallery itself, which became a warm and inspiring hub for the many and varied perspectives, stories, and experiences of the Asian American community. He always showed his support and enthusiasm for his fellow artists -- inspiring, mentoring, and encouraging many friends to exhibit. As we relaunch our gallery now in our new flagship location, it seems only fitting that he help us rebuild yet again.”

file: 8-corky-lee-card-7847-pano at Pearl River Gallery