American Legion Sept 11th Remembrance Service Kimlau Memorial 2016

Corky served as Sons of American Legion (SAL) Commander from 2017-2019 at the American Legion Lt. Kimlau Post 1291.

Kimlau Square, a memorial park inside Chatham Square is where Corky crusaded support for the Chinese American WWII Congressional Gold Medal in recognition for all Chinese Americans who served during WWII.

Corky‚Äôs father, Lee Yin Chuck was a WW-II veteran. In 2015, he joined the Sons of the American Legion, and served as SAL Commander from 2017 - 2019 at the American Legion Lt. Kimlau B.R. Post 1291 of New York.

Corky was instrumental in lobbying the US Congress to pass the bill on December 20, 2018 in awarding 22,827 Chinese and Chinese Americans veterans (able to identify thus far) of the five branches of the US military, plus the US Merchant Marine Corps
the Congressional Gold Medal for serving the WW-II.

Music credit: Colors of Love - Thomas Bergersen

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